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Keyboard Layout HP-41C and early models
06-14-2019, 02:25 PM
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RE: Keyboard Layout HP-41C and early models
(06-14-2019 01:49 PM)Andres Wrote:  The numeric keypad layout of the IBM PC and derivatives (and, to a lesser extent, video "dumb terminals") may have had an influence. After 1981, people all around the world got familiar with the "operation keys on the right column, plus key on the bottom" layout of such alphanumeric keyboards.

The original PC keyboard layout was short-lived, the AT layout 2 years later (with Fn keys on top) changed the bottom to a 2nd Enter key, and operators wrapped from the top line around the right (with /, *, and - on the top and + a double sized key on the right above Enter).

But the knock-off clones had already started, so many of the original layout were produced before the clones switched to the AT-style.

--Bob Prosperi
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