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Help - Assembly programming on Debug4x (HP50G)
11-19-2020, 04:36 PM
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RE: Help - Assembly programming on Debug4x (HP50G)
Thanks again to all the above help. Still trying to learn ASM, been a bit slow on and off.

I'm having a problem giving D0 or D1 (and P) a value as it will not compile using Debug4x

D0= 80120 % or D1= a value

P= 1

The Debug4x errors are

error: Unknown instruction 80120
error: Unknown instruction D0=
*** ERROR: Invalid expression *** P=
*** ERROR: Missing expression ***
error: Unknown instruction 1

I have also experimenting with

D0=80120 % does not compile
D0=(5) 80120 % does compile but crashes when run
P=1 % does compile seems to run ok ( setting P=0 after )

Any help will be much appriciated

Thanks Jeff
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