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HP-65 - card reader with WB wave noisy - FIXED and RESTORED
05-05-2019, 11:38 PM
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RE: HP-65 - car reader WB noisy - Help needed
(05-05-2019 09:30 PM)albertofenini Wrote:  Using the scope we have seen normal waves on both RA and RB channels
But WA and WB when the unit is set to PRGM/W and we feed a blank card are FLAT
Does anyone know if Anode and Cathode driver have any influence on recording a card ?
More generally, has anyone ever fixed a situation like this ?
As always thanks for help !!!!

Hi Alberto,

Does it give any signals with a recorded card?

Are WA WB connections between hybrid and card reader ok?

I wouldn't think the display drivers have any influence on the reader.


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