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HP48 hardware hacking -- SOIC EPROMS?
05-01-2019, 07:32 AM
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RE: HP48 hardware hacking -- SOIC EPROMS?
(04-30-2019 03:18 PM)Jonathan Busby Wrote:  
(04-30-2019 11:31 AM)franco51 Wrote:  Hi
I'm not sure they were ever available in the SOIP package. You may be able to find some TSOP or TSSOP devices but I'm guessing they are too wide / long?

Thanks for the reply Smile I've looked at the available TS(S)OP packaged EPROMS, and, although some of them have the same dimensions as the SOIC equivalent, the 32-leads are not situated on the oblong sides of the package, but on he shorter top and bottom, which makes it incompatible with, say, replacing the 48 ROM.

It seems that Microchip Technology has the largest selection of ICs in which I'm interested and I might have some luck. There are some DIP to SMT adapters, but, I'm not sure if they're compatible dimension wise.



EDIT : I've checked several electronics distributors and it seems that 32-pin 4Mbit x 8 OTP EPROMS are only available from Microchip Technology in PLCC packages. See here :

I guess an adapter or daughterboard is what's needed then. I've found some DIP to SOIC adapters, but they're not the right size and they only have 28 pins. I guess I'll have to use a daughterboard.

You might be able to find some of these obsolete ones, maybe:

Or, there are SPI flash chips that are in a 16 pin package. If you could find a suitable small FPGA you could create a parallel interface for the SPI flash chip.
Or, if you could find a suitable microcontroller in a SOIC32 and it was fast enough, you could maybe emulate a ROM?

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