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So.. any improvements RPN-wise ???
04-02-2019, 04:37 AM
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RE: So.. any improvements RPN-wise ???
(04-01-2019 08:02 PM)Didier Lachieze Wrote:  1) UNDO: Shift Ans will recall to the stack the last function arguments
Yes, I use that frequently. Not quite the same as UNDO, but pretty close.

(04-01-2019 08:02 PM)Didier Lachieze Wrote:  2) The ability to interactively expand a list (like EVAL or LIST->)
The following program assigned to a user key (here Shift 9) will do it for the list on the stack level 1. You'll need to press Enter.
Say, that's pretty slick! I think I'll assign it to the EVAL (Shift Comma) key since that's how I usually expanded lists on the50g.

Forgot to include another goodie.

7) CMD key to recall command history

Actually, I assgined to that key a program from John H. Meyers of comp.sys.hp48 fame that gave an unlimited CMD history. I frequently made use of that.
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