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HP 9825 keyboard restoration
05-04-2014, 04:48 PM
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HP 9825 keyboard restoration
The key switches of my HP 9825 are somewhat tired. Sometimes it takes two strokes to input one character, sometimes one keystroke yields multiple characters.
And the overall feeling is not so good.

I have taken the calculator apart to have a better look at the keyboard PCB.
The key switches are all identical and seem to be of the "cherry" kind.

I thought I might replace them with new switches to get a "brand new" keyboard.

Desoldering one key switch was easy enough. However it happens the HP switches are slightly different from the cherry samples I have ordered from

The HP switches are taller and their two pins are centered, whereas on the new switches from WASD, the pins are on the side (you may want to have a look at the attached pictures).

At this point I'm kind of stuck.
Does anybody have experience restoring an HP9825 keyboard ?
Which part number are the key switches ?
It is possible order these switches nowadays ?
Are there other keyboards with the same switches ?

As usual, any help will be greatly appreciated Smile


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