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Can we install a CAS in the HP 39gII?
02-01-2019, 06:34 AM
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RE: Can we install a CAS in the HP 39gII?

The 39GII actually DOES have the cas in it. It is there as it is/was used for nearly all the computing (at the begining) and then relegated to just some functions (when the PPL system was introduced)...

One issue with the 39GII is the very small amount of RAM. 512KB. And the fact that the program has to reside in RAM. Using the virtual memory system.
At the end of the day, 256KB are reserved for executable, leaving only 256KB of RAM to run. But most of that is already used by the system :-( leaving around 100KB for anything to run... And this is VERY limiting for the CAS.....

The 39GII had a great architecture for a low cost machine as the CPU had the RAM build in. But it was too limited, AND the CPU manufacturer was purchased by some other company that dropped all support for the chip... These things together are what killed it...

However, it was the base for HP Prime which does integrate all that the 39 was, and some more. Adds the CAS and is a general great machine.


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