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HP 9100 appearance in Earth II
01-27-2019, 11:19 AM
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HP 9100 appearance in Earth II
Today I learned that the HP 9100 calculator appeared in the movie Earth II from 1971, a pilot for a TV series that never materialized (its German name was "Killersatelliten". You may all know its appearance in "The Andromeda Strain". However, in Earth II several HP 9100 appear quite a few times. Funnily enough, you’ll see that the calculators are not connected to power and were never turned on.

Here are some interesting scenes ...

[Image: earth2-0-14-32.png]
Still picture from scene 0:14:18 .. 0:16:22

[Image: earth2-0-23-13.jpg]
Still picture from scene 0:22:48 .. 0:23:43

[Image: earth2-0-26-43.png]
Still picture from scene 0:25:48 .. 0:27:16

[Image: earth2-0-32-21.jpg]
Still picture from the scene 0:31:40 .. 0:39:35

Too bad that the HP 9100 never got a TV series star ;-)
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