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[VA] SRC#003- New Year 2019 Special
01-18-2019, 08:28 PM
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RE: [VA] SRC#003- New Year 2019 Special
Looking at the eigenvalues of the matrix \(M\):


[ (175.524449043,0) (-83.049835541,127.396573277) (-83.049835541,127.396573277) ]

respectively rather at their absolute values:

[ 175.524449043, 152.076171921, 152.076171921 ]

We can estimate the amount of iterations \(n\) needed for a 10-digit calculator like the HP-11C to return the exact value as:

\(\left (\frac{152.076171921}{175.524449043} \right )^n = 10^{-10}\)

This leads to:

\(n=\frac{-10}{\log_{10} \left (\frac{152.076171921}{175.524449043} \right )}\approx 160.5744\)

Or then for a 12-digit calculator like the HP-48GX to:

\(n=\frac{-12}{\log_{10} \left (\frac{152.076171921}{175.524449043} \right )}\approx 192.6892\)

(01-18-2019 07:15 PM)DavidM Wrote:  2019/200 completed in about 476 seconds on my 11C.

Using 160 instead of 200 would take about 380 seconds.

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