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HP-34C – Happy Anniversary!
01-12-2019, 11:37 PM
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RE: HP-34C – Happy Anniversary!
Hi, Bob:

(01-12-2019 03:02 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  
(01-10-2019 10:06 PM)Valentin Albillo Wrote:  ... And no, this HP-34C Solution Book "Advanced Math"is not included in the MoHP DVD set nor anywhere else AFAIK.

I was given two complimentary copies after it got printed and sent one of them to the Australian PPC Melbourne Chapter (which published tons of my contributions back then) and still keep the other to this day. I'm intent of making the contents available for free (of course!) but I recently lost my system and have no scanning capabilities at the moment.

@Valentin - Was this Solutions Book published in English? It is not mentioned in any of the (US) HP Spice series brochures and catalogs of the period, which do list other titles, so it appears it was not released here, making it all the more interesting of course.

Yes, it's probably quite an extremely rare collector's item (not that I would sell it) though a lot were sold at the time, mostly to students and engineers.

The complimentary copy I kept is the local version published here, in Spanish language, and I don't know for sure whether it was also published in English or in other countries, probably not or it would already have surfaced in some catalogs or brochures.

For your benefit, I've located my copy (not easy !) and had a look at it. It features 16 (not 20) quality, highly optimized, bug-free advanced math programs which take advantage of the full HP-34C functionality, some as large as 175 program steps and all of them extensively documented, with plenty of useful examples (many of them dealing with Engineering topics) and fully commented listings so that users can understand how they work and even adapt them to their own purposes or call them as subroutines. I was very proud of them at the time and still am.

I've made some pics (sorry, no scanner available right now) with an old iPad2, very low quality but at least you can have a look at its covers and some contents. The pics are attached to this post.

Quote:I suppose most math is pretty much culturally independent

Who knows, we'll only be sure when we make contact with aliens. If their math has many points in common with ours, that would be Exhibit 1 for the alleged cultural independence.

As to my Solutions Book, all equations and algorithms are clearly given in full detail, as well as registers/labels/flags/whatever usage, all inputs, all outputs, so an English (or French, etc) user would be able to understand everything even if they wouldn't know anything about Spanish language, plus most mathematical vocabulary is the same or almost the same, for instance:

"Sistema" = "System"
"Ecuacion" = "Equation"
"Diferencial" = "Differential"
"Matriz" = "Matrix", "Vector" = "Vector"
"Numero Complejo" = "Complex Number"
"Integral" = "Integral"
"Armonico" = "Harmonic"

and so on and so forth.

Have a nice weekend and best regards.

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