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My HP-41CV projects
01-07-2019, 09:04 PM
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RE: My HP-41CV projects
(01-07-2019 07:24 PM)_dev-null Wrote:  Hello!
I like to share my 41CV projects with this awesome community.
I got two 41CV in poor condition on ebay. I cleaned the calculators, fixed the cracked posts and installed a new NiMh battery.
One of them is my workhorse and the other unit sits on a shelf in the livingroom together with a HP-65 and HP-67. I don't use it as a calculator very often, instead it is my PDA, Clock and programming/experiment/fun device. It is equipped with a X-Functions Module, Clonix41, Time-Module, HP/IL Module and a 82143A Printer that is not always connected. (i need more expansion ports Big Grin)

New Battery:
I soldered 4 1/3 AAA GP-NiMh Batterys together with a 2 pin connector and put them in a 3D printed battery compartment.

I build the awesome PIL-IO board from J-F Garnier (thanks for developing this cool piece of Hard-/Software). The PIC-microcontroller is soldered together wit a MAX232 on a piece of breadboard. It has one RS232 connector, UART TxD/RxD and 4 I/O pins.
Underneath the breadboard is a LiIon battery togehter with a step-up circuit to provide the 5V. I can charge the battery with micro-USB. The programming of the PIC controller is done with a PicKit 3 programmer.

I also build a Clonix41 module (thank you Diego Díaz for developement, i love your work). It was a bit more difficult to build the module and a programming adapter/device. I dont used a printed circuit for it. I wired the PIC-microcontroller with insulated copper wires to the module contacts. The first prototype had an external 12Mhz quarz, because i had no small one that fits into the module case. Second and final Version had a small quarz inside the module. Programming was done with a self build programming adapter and the PicKit 3 programmer. Currently it is loaded with CCD,Extended-IO, HPIL-Development and Zenrom.

The next project is a new battery for the 82143A printer with a self printed battery case and some Arduino projects with the PIL-IO.


Stefan from Austria

Awesome, thanks for sharing - I look forward to reading more of your projects!
Juergen (from Germany)
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