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41CL News
01-03-2019, 03:15 AM (This post was last modified: 01-04-2019 02:17 AM by Sylvain Cote.)
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41CL News
To fellow 41CL users ...

Just in case you have not noticed, Monte has released some days ago several CL ROM updates.

This post will only cover the 41CL Update Functions, I will cover the other updates in another post later this week.

41CL Update Functions (Name: YUPS, Version: 4A, Released: 2018-12-28, YCRC: 0x5189B8F2)

Warning: unless you manually download & activate the new update ROM (YUPS), this will only be available after you have completed your next update of your 41CL.

The new YUPS ROM has a new tweak that speed up dramatically the outdated ROM scanning, were talking minutes instead of hours here.
Monte has added a new flag called Enable Compare-only Mode that can be activated with the CPONLY instruction. (flag is reset at each power on)
When the compare only mode is activated, the FLCHK?/FDBCHK? functions instead of calculating each ROM CRC, will compare the contents of the FLDB agains the content of the CFLDB to determine which pages are out-of-date.
The result is simply amazing, V5 1024 ROMs scan time: 01m 16s with CPONLY set and 02h 51m 18s with CPONLY cleared.
I have successfully updated my six 41CL without any issues. (1x V2, 1x V3, 2x V4 & 2x V5)

Here is the most simple use case:
UPDATE 3B   UPDATE 4A   description
----------  ----------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
PC-side ->              java -jar clupdate-1.1.0.jar --update /dev/tty.usbserial 4800
PC-side ->              wait until "Waiting    for 41CL commands ..." is shown then do next step
CMOPEN      CMOPEN      open communication
            CPONLY      activate Compare-only Mode
"*"         "*"         scan entire flash space
FLCHK?      FLCHK?      download FLDB file, scan for outdated ROMs and upload new CFLDB file
FLUPD       FLUPD       update outdated ROM's in flash
CMCLOSE     CMCLOSE     close communication

For the most courageous Wink manually loading the new UPDAT-4A.ROM image
steps               description
------------------  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
PC-side ->          extract the UPDAT-4A.ROM file from the file
MMUDIS              disable MMU
MMUCLR              clear MMU (optional, if you know your current MMU configuration)
"YFNX"              41CL Extreme Functions ROM
PLUG1L              map it to page 8 (or choose your prefered page)
SERINI              initialize serial port
BAUD48              set speed to 4800 baud (YFNX BAUD function is currently buggy and cannot be used)
MMUEN               activate MMU
"80F000-0FFF"       UPDAT-4A.ROM will be loaded into RAM physical address 80F
[XEQ][ALPHA]YIMP    do not complete the function name input yet
PC-side ->          java -jar clupdate-1.1.0.jar --upload UPDAT-4A.ROM /dev/tty.usbserial 4800
PC-side ->          wait until "5 seconds before starting file transfer" is shown then do next step
[ALPHA]             activate YIMP
"80F"               RAM physical address to validate
YCRC                validate ROM image, if you see 5189B8F2 displayed, then the ROM is valid
"-80F 9"            map 4K-word at physical address 80F to page 9 (or choose your prefered page)
PPLUG               activate mapping
CAT 2               should show "UPDAT 4A"

Many thanks goes to Monte Dalrymple for having added, in a transparent way, this new optimization into the 41CL Update ROM.
Other thanks goes to Robert Prosperi for having beta tested the ROM.

Have fun!

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