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Bad HP 35s keyboard. Any luck with warranty?
11-10-2018, 12:08 PM (This post was last modified: 11-10-2018 12:09 PM by Maximilian Hohmann.)
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RE: Bad HP 35s keyboard. Any luck with warranty?

(11-10-2018 07:43 AM)Sukiari Wrote:  Same with the HP 15LE, bugs on release and a big middle finger to the victims.

Victims? The 15LE was my best investment ever. Unfortunately I didn't by 10 or 100 of them when they were sold. I paid 150 Euro or so for mine and could sell it for 400 any time now. And in another ten years it will be worth 1000. Bugs notwithstanding. No one who designs bridges and aircraft wings uses a pocket calculator for that anyway, and in every other field bugs don't matter much :-)

And HP's first "buggy" calculator, actually the first one they ever made, is the one that fetches the highest bids at auctions. We should thank them for those bugs!

(11-10-2018 07:43 AM)Sukiari Wrote:  You’d think with the printer ink profits they could fix a bug but they’re too busy creating and immediately abandoning crapware like the HP Sprout.

This made me curious because I have never heard of that "Sprout" before (I am a Macintosh-only person when it comes to computers). So I did some research. Very cool product! If it could run Mac OS, I would buy one immediately. Why was this invented by HP and not by Apple? (There is some Apple juice inside because one of the developers came from them.) And this thing does not seem to be abandoned, it can be ordered worldwide from the HP store.

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