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Bad HP 35s keyboard. Any luck with warranty?
11-08-2018, 04:04 PM
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RE: Bad HP 35s keyboard. Any luck with warranty?

Regarding the warranty issue I can't help much because this is handled differently in different parts of the world. Here in Europe one would take it back to one's dealer and he would have to take care of it, regardless of the manufacturer's warranty policy. With such lowish price items that can not be repaired anyway, one will usually walk out of the shop with a replacement unit.

(11-08-2018 03:33 PM)danube7 Wrote:  And is there any point in getting a replacement? I no longer trust this model and will purchase another used 32sii on e-bay.

Why mistrust the model because of one defective unit? I have two or three of these and this is one the few calculators that I actually use sometimes for real calculations. One of them, an early model, has an issue with battery life - it will drain a set of coin cells within two or three months even when not used. Someone on the forum found a workaround for that (replacing a capacitor IIRC) but I never bothered to install it.
The others work just fine, keyboards included. I also like the display contrast. For me, the 35S is one of the better calculators of the last 15 years. There are some (functionally) good ones from Casio and Sharp but their keyboards are worlds apart form the HP-35s.

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