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Bad HP 35s keyboard. Any luck with warranty?
11-08-2018, 03:33 PM
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Bad HP 35s keyboard. Any luck with warranty?
Hi All,

I think I have found the worst HP calculator ever made: The HP35s. I bought it on a whim, to see what a new HP was like, and fairly early out of the box I sustpected that it was missing key strokes. Then I read about that in these forums and found it was more common. Now I can regularly hit the '6' button and it misses 1 in 20 times. It's not a key hit issue per se, because I see the six pop up on the display, and whey I repeatedly hit the 6 key (i.e. 10x in a row) I see 6,666,666,666... But if I enter "2 ENTER 6 x" repeatedly, I'll get the answer "4" about 1 in 20 times. It's a processing error.

That absolutely sucks. I've never had a defective calculator like this deceptively bad, and I owned an HP32e with the clamshell design in the 1970's that was eventually sent in to be replaced. Still, I could fix that one by twisting it and I knew when it failed. The 35s is far worse because you won't necessarily see the error.

So, have any of you had issues returning the 35s under warranty? I look on line and there is a warranty check button on the HP web site, but a message pops up that says I need to enter the model number.... "HP 35s" doesn't work. There is no formal model number printed on the back of the calculator. Any suggestions on how to proceed with a warranty return?

And is there any point in getting a replacement? I no longer trust this model and will purchase another used 32sii on e-bay.

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