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terminal view to the main screen (history view) cmd
11-01-2018, 04:43 AM (This post was last modified: 11-03-2018 12:29 PM by compsystems.)
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RE: terminal view to the main screen (history view) cmd
Hello Erwin

(10-31-2018 10:55 PM)eried Wrote:  And NO... the Prime does not need a STARTVIEWHOME() command
On the contrary, it is necessary, because the screen is small, it is a way of dividing the views

Quote:If ViewNumber is negative, the following global views are used:
-1=Home Screen
-3=Memory Manager
-4=App Library
-5=Matrix Catalog
-6=List Catalog
-7=Program Catalog
-8=Note Catalog
?=CAS view

STARTVIEW( -1, 1 ); // return to HOME VIEW
Iseems that it does not work, please try the following code

PHP Code:
prg00( ):=
        local X
assume(Xsymbol); // Remove the value of X to assume it as a symbol
assume(Ysymbol); // Remove the value of Y to assume it as a symbol
PRINT; // clear screen.
print( "Hello Mathematical world" ); 
wait); // Wait 2 seconds
print( 'X²/3 - Y²/5 = 1'  );
STARTVIEW( -1); // return to HOME VIEW
return “Done”;

The equivalent in xcas is

PHP Code:
local XY;
assume(Xsymbol); // Remove the value of X to assume it as a symbol
assume(Ysymbol); // Remove the value of Y to assume it as a symbol                
DispG;  // Initialize terminal view and graphic view.
ClrIO // clear screen.
print( "Hello Mathematical world." ); 
WAIT); // Wait 2 seconds
printf//1  ); // Print in 2D readable printing (Pretty Print)

DispHome // return to HOME VIEW
return “Done”;

And it works well, that is to say it is executed from the main view that in xcas is called worksheet then it opens the terminal view and at the end it returns to the terminal view, without having to press the key [esc]

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