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little math problem October 2018
10-25-2018, 09:30 AM
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RE: little math problem October 2018
(10-23-2018 07:44 PM)Maximilian Hohmann Wrote:  What sense does it make to land two rovers when they need to find each other and work together?

None. This is quite hypothetical "search and destroy" task...

First of all, the size of the planet/sphere with flat and hard surface with no obstacle is quite important, otherwise that would take forever. Secondly, designated point - navigated with magnetic/gyro compass never mind, it is the same approach...

If the diameter is about 10000 km with assumed constant speed of 10km/h and 0% defects, it would take at most about 10000*3.14/10/24/2 ~ 66 days.

However, constant speed of 10km/h for theoretically maximum 15700km (+ for extra tasks later) require quite a bit of energy to generate. If the imaginary planet is near the sun, theoretically can be powered on solar energy and battery... However, then many factors are further involved, included: size and efficiency of solar panels, then total mass, speed of rotation and gravity, atmosphere... To avoid all these details, it would assume nulear power generator, which is not quite small, or huge amount of fuel tanks to carry...

Curiosity, for instance, is about 3x2 meters and carry small radioisotope thermoelectric generator which generate only about 100W.. Its maximum speed is 200m per day...

Many factors are important in order to design the actual specific mission in details, but for a brain teaser, proper initial approach is more than enough.
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