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little math problem October 2018
10-22-2018, 09:31 AM
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RE: little math problem October 2018
(10-21-2018 01:45 AM)sasa Wrote:  The original problem was about two friends left on a big sphere where communication is impossible and question was what is the fastest way to find each other... And that is not a math, but just a brain teaser type of puzzle...

Back to your modification... If there is no way to determine position (including navigation by stars), reference point and direction, this is simply "needle in a haystack" search (without a magnet). What only left is what Tomas wrote, assuming primary rover have unlimited energy, memory to map whole terrain and unlimited time...

Without some more missing details mentioned already, this kind of "brute force" solution only applies...

For me the approach would be.
- Imagine a spherical flat ball, with the two rovers, nothing else. So far Thomas has the only approach on this.
- Ok it is more of a planet. So the idea of a magnetic compass would help. Although some celestial bodies have fleeble magnetic poles. Some have used this idea.
- It is a planet with always clear sky, then navigation with the stars is ok (or there is a ship goign around the planet9. Some have used this idea.

(10-21-2018 06:31 PM)Dave Shaffer Wrote:  Reference as in "a similar celestial body" or as in "something you can see in the sky (from an "earth"?)"?

reference in size, fixed the first post.

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