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HP-71B and PILBox - How to transfer Program
10-13-2018, 07:28 AM
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RE: HP-71B and PILBox - How to transfer Program
(10-12-2018 09:23 AM)Harald Wrote:  I have a listing of a program on the PC and I would like to transfer that to the 71B. How do I go about that?
And how do I transfer lex files?

The easiest is to get programs and LEX files from an archive LIF image. Just set the disc image file to one of the ILPer virtual drives and do a COPY as you would do with a legacy drive.

There is no immediate, built-in command to import a text file from an external device (your PC). You need to import the file line per line using ENTER statements and this is the purpose of the DOSLINK device. A short program can do it.
You can find an example of such program in this presentation (using Emu71 but the principle is the same with a HP71 and the PIL-Box - and ILPer of course):
The document also describes how to import a LEX file built on PC, but most of the time the need is to load LEX files from an existing archive as explained above.

There are other ways to import a text file, but this is my preferred solution (since I designed it :-)

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