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Request for help with CSS/Html formatted On-Calc Doc
09-25-2018, 12:36 AM (This post was last modified: 09-25-2018 12:40 AM by Tim Wessman.)
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Request for help with CSS/Html formatted On-Calc Doc

Spurred on by the discussion at and to assuage my guilt at having Terje Vallestad once again spend so much time working on it, I spent a bit of time over the weekend creating the ability to output a more easily consumed format for the built in help outside the HP Prime interface.

I was planning to do it directly to PDF, but then I realized that if someone wanted to do things like make a table of contents, and indexes, images, etc it might be easier and better in the long term to go to HTML first as an intermediate step. Also, I wasn't sure that I could directly support writing of internal links between related topics with the limited pdf support I seem to have access to internally.

Thus, I added the ability in the language/help tool to output a tagged html file from the tree. That should allow anyone interested to make edits in other tools and save/export into various formats.

It has been far too long since I've done HTML/CSS stuff nor was it ever a specialty. The request I have is for anyone willing:

  1. Take a look at the HTML output I've made and spot any issue or problems with it. - Some things seem unavoidable to me at this time (such as not being able to automatically do numbered lists automatically) due to limitations on the internal text. Maybe your questions or comments will jog my brain and help me get other things tagged up that will be useful though.
  2. Propose any changes or tweaks that will make styling or modification easier. For example, finer <div> containers, better nesting.... dunno. Please help as I'm a bit clueless in this area! Smile
  3. Provide some CSS suggestions to make a much nicer looking document. Right now it is colored in blocks to highlight the grouping specifically for making it easy to see what items/things are currently grouped as classes or divs. I assume by teweaking some fonts, spacing, header looks and similar, a pretty decent looking document could appear.

Hopefully, with a bit of tweaking between both the internal side (by me, to add any changes to the automatic output) and suggestions from interested people reading this, we can make it so that a single click will spit out a decent enough looking document to be useful. At that point I will ensure that all supported languages receive the same treatment and are made available in some way.

Please don't go through and hand edit or modify the existing document! The goal really is to figure out how to automate it and make it easier all around - not just to do a one off fix of things! Smile

.zip (Size: 239.6 KB / Downloads: 70)
(html file and css file to open locally on your end to play with)

Thank you!


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