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HP48GX Statistical Function
09-22-2018, 02:56 AM
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RE: HP48GX Statistical Function
(09-21-2018 11:12 PM)thenewpotato Wrote:  Hello all.

I have a HP48GX that I use, but there are some statistical functions I need that I could not find on the calculator nor in the manual.

First of all, how might I calculate the median or quartiles on a set of data?

Also, how do I calculate the residuals after doing regression. Are the residuals stored in a special variable?

Any help is appreciated Smile

Hi and welcome thenewpotato,

If I understand correctly your questions, the median you can find in the manual 21 page 8, although I'm using the Portuguese version, so I don't know if the pages are the same, but resuming digit TEACH on the display, press ENTER, then press the VAR key and the submenu will appear, now press EXAM, PRGS and finally MEDIA. The result is a vector which contains the medians for each variable ( column) .

For quartiles and residuals of regression I don't think that the a stock 48 can do that, I think you have to install librarys or programs for statistics. You can find many here :

You have to install them, you will need a proper 48 cable with a serial and a USB adapter. There are many tutorials on the internet, but feel free to ask for help anyway.

It's late in the evening now, but tomorrow I will have a look to a better solution for us, ad I'm interested in statistics in the 48 too.

Good luck,


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