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Sharp PC-G850 BASE-n
09-20-2018, 06:38 PM (This post was last modified: 09-20-2018 06:40 PM by jwhsu.)
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RE: Sharp PC-G850 BASE-n
(09-20-2018 06:29 PM)Zaphod Wrote:  I've been playing about with this and discovered the basic premise.

Feel free to add, comment, tidy up and/or disagree:

BASE-N - Initiate the BASE-N program by pressing SHIFT and the BASE-n keys together.

Pressing 1: Enter new number
Pressing 2: Cycle through decimal,hex,binary (base 10,16 or 2) (You can continue cycling through by repeatedly pressing 2)
Pressing 3: Negates current number (You can toggle by pressing 3 again, and again)
Pressing 4: Arithmetic operations.

Press 1 to enter the number you want to convert (Default base 10), then press the carriage return key.

if you press 2 before this you can cycle through the current base from decimal, hex or binary.
(The current entry base is always shown in the square brackets stage left)

Pressing 3 negates the current number (in whatever base you’re currently in)

4 allows you to do arithmetic operations on the current number:
Add, subtract, multiply, divide, AND, OR, NOR, XOR
by pressing the appropriate + - * / A O N X key.
it then allows you to enter the other number, then press carriage return to do the calculation.

That is pretty much what the Japanese manual says about how to use BASE-n. For the 3rd option, it is actually calculating the 2's complement (which is essentially negation). You can also replace the program that is launched with the BASE-n key. The latest version of the manual has a section (Section 3.5) which describes how to use BASE-n.
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