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(11C) Arithmetic with Fractions
09-22-2018, 06:33 AM (This post was last modified: 09-22-2018 08:53 AM by Gamo.)
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RE: (11C) Arithmetic with Fractions
Thomas Klemm

I try your large Fractions Subtraction again.

But this time on the HP-12C Platinum

This is the only one of the Modern Voyager Series that be able to do it correctly.
Because of the internal precision of 15 digits.


I try to squeeze program all into the Classic 12C but can't do it because of the limited memory since my "Arithmetic with Fraction" used up 8 register and took 98 program lines when run the "Error 6" shown.

With the HP-12C Platinum I don't have to worry about memory capacity and successfully make it and not even use half the program lines limit of 400 lines.

As Dieter recommended to change the algorithm for the GCD part of the program to speed up the computation process and I did updated to this program for HP-12C Platinum it run very fast.

Later I'll post the update version both for HP 12C Platinum and HP-15C instead of the 11C as a new post.

For a mean time here is the clip for large Fractions
On HP-12C Platinum

Thank You

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