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Print42 - thermal printer software for Free42
12-18-2019, 06:52 PM
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RE: Print42 - thermal printer software for Free42
(12-18-2019 05:25 PM)ijabbott Wrote:  There should be a free42-nologo package, but it's built from Free42 1.4.77 sources (c. 2013) with some build patches.

(EDIT: However, note Debian bug #911464.)

1.4.77 was before I switched from BCD20 to Intel floating-point. Several Free42 packages were abandoned when I made that switch, because I initially used pre-built binaries for the Intel library in my source tree, which rendered those sources unusable on non-x86 and non-Linux platforms.

Starting with 1.5.9, the source tree includes patches for the Intel library sources, so everything can be built from source again from that tree. I don't have a Raspberry Pi and I've never tried building anything for it, but the current Free42 sources do build on a decent variety of systems now (including Solaris and FreeBSD), and on ARM platforms, so I would assume that they work on the Pi as well. In case they don't (hint: be sure to run FPTEST in a debug build to run the Intel library test suite), I'd be happy to help troubleshoot.
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