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Print42 - thermal printer software for Free42
09-21-2018, 03:06 AM
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RE: Print42 - thermal printer software for Free42
A new version of Print42 has been released today version 1.0.2 with ability to filter the virtual tape output, so that only lines that match the filter get printed or displayed.

[Image: print42%20filter%20free42%20feature.png?raw=1]

For example by setting the filter to "LBL", then printing the very long program "PLOT" via Free42, you get an arguably useful summary of all labels in the program.


 01▸LBL "PLOT"
 08▸LBL A
 41▸LBL 00
 49▸LBL 01
 65▸LBL 03
 69▸LBL 04
 83▸LBL 05
 90▸LBL 06
 105▸LBL 07

You don't need to have thermal printing turned on either, the filtering will happen on the visual virtual tape too.

When Print42 is used outside the calculator context, with any general log file, I can imagine filtering on lines with e.g. the word 'error' in them, so that only errors lines are printed to the thermal printer, which is left running overnight. In the morning a programmer, sys admin or programming team can rapidly see and tear off the list of errors that occurred. Hopefully not too many - or else the printer tape will be like a very long stockmarket ticker tape on the day of a stockmarket crash!
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