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(12C) Check if given number is Prime Number or not
09-13-2018, 06:35 PM
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RE: (12C) Check if given number is Prime Number or not
(09-11-2018 08:03 AM)Gamo Wrote:  Just check the spec sheet on HP-12C Platinum
Internal Precision is 15 digits.

The 12C internal precision is 12 digits.

Sure? Not 13?

But the essential point here is not the internal precision but what is returned to the user. Do the 12C Platinum or 12C+ (real hardware) return 10 or 12 digits? In both cases the display has 10 digits. What do you see after 3 [1/x] 30 [x] in FIX 9 mode? 10,00000000 or 9,999999999 ?

Also, could you or someone else please do the following test on a hardware 12C Platinum or 12C+? As already mentioned in my previous post:

Quote:You may try this: calculate 4.444.444.444 / 3 and get 1.481.481.481. Now subtract 1.481.481.481 (or press g FRAC). On a real 12C the result is 0. But what do you get on the 12CP emulator? 0,3? 0,333? Please post all digits (i.e. as displayed in FIX 9).

I really would like to know what results are produced both by the real (hardware) calculators as well as the emulators (please state which one).

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