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An HP-42SII...Would HP go for it?
04-24-2014, 06:06 AM
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RE: An HP-42SII...Would HP go for it?
(04-24-2014 12:34 AM)Les Bell Wrote:  Never mind a 42SII. All the action is around the 41C - the 41CL, NoVRAM, Clonix, the various mass storage options, all the modules and peripherals still trading on TAS, etc. The 42, although a fine number-cruncher, never reached the frenzied level of activity that surrounded the 41, and (some would say) still does.

Which is why the functionality of the USB-port - or in some weird dream: bluetooth module - on the 43S will be crucial! We will never again see card readers and other calc-centric peripherals. They will use smartphone accessories or be deaf blind and numb...
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