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41CL CLXPMEM - YSTO, YRCL and YX<> index problem
08-28-2018, 06:53 PM
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RE: 41CL CLXPMEM - YSTO, YRCL and YX<> index problem
(08-28-2018 06:07 PM)Podalirius Wrote:  Hi, I am studying the CLXPMEM module.
In a test on my nsimII emulator (soon I will receive my 41CL board)
with the command YSTO, value 500, I think that the vale of the X register
is stored in the register number 500, But with YRCL 500 I do not obtain any value.
With YSTO 500 and YRCL 500 no errors is displayed.
But if I use the command YX<> 500 the value of X register is swapped with
the register number 500, as I can expect to obtain.
I chose the value 500 because is in the range of MAIN memory addresses
(192-511, Hex 0CD-1FF). Where I am wrong?
Thank you so much for every help!!!

I believe this module will only work with CL boards, as they have memory installed at different addresses than used in a normal 41 (or emulator). e.g. the first block (out of 3) of "Y" registers is located at address 0x801.

But I am not at all familiar with the nsimII emulator, so the above answer is possibly not correct, but would have to wait for Monte or Angel to confirm or clarify this.

--Bob Prosperi
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