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Best calculator for statistics?
08-26-2018, 01:46 PM (This post was last modified: 08-26-2018 01:58 PM by Jlouis.)
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RE: Best calculator for statistics?
(08-25-2018 04:17 AM)Gene Wrote:  Best for what level class? what level work? The question is a bit broad IMO. :-)

The HP 10bII+ has four statistical distributions and plenty of regression models.

The HP 39g+ series has confidence intervals, etc.

Namir Shammas has written great statistical packages for the HP 35S.

Angel Martin has some great stats for the HP 41CL.

What are you looking for? :-)

Hi Gene, thanks for the reply,

The question is broad, I know, but the intention is the more functions, the better.

Unfortunately I don have the 41CL, but a CV with math/stat Pac and the and the Hp applied statistics I and II will give me many options. And, of course, using a 41 is an extra pleasure, with that wonderfull keys...

I don't have the 10bII+, but I will have a look in the emulator and if I like it, I will consider buy one.

As fan of pocket calculators, I prefer use one as using the excel. But the calculators will only be used for the preliminary work, as nowadays I will end up plotting the final work in excel and make a dashboard in power BI to send to my boss.

Thanks again
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