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Best calculator for statistics?
08-26-2018, 01:20 PM
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RE: Best calculator for statistics?
(08-26-2018 11:42 AM)SlideRule Wrote:  A modest endorsement for the HP-21S STAT/MATH for basic-intermediate statistics & probability. Still quite reasonable prices for a very-good to excellent working model on various web sites.


The 20S and 21S are pretty cool models, and two of very few programmable algebraic models from HP, but I probably wouldn't use them for very data-heavy statistics. The 21S does have quite a few built-in distribution calculations (normal, student's, F, chi-square), so if that's a large percentage of what you need, it might be a good fit. But it doesn't do list-based statistics, and it only has linear regression built in (unless you program other models yourself, or manually transform data before entering).

One of the neat features of the 20S and 21S is the built-in program library that lets you load a few pre-written programs into memory. The 21S, according to the manual, has one- and two-sample test stats, linear regression test stats, chi-square test stats, binomial probability, and TVM.

The 10BII+ might also be worth considering, as it allows for a small amount of list-based data, and has more regression models, though it's lacking F and chi-square distributions, and obviously isn't programmable.
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