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Multiple Choice for CHOOSE command
08-09-2018, 07:07 AM
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Multiple Choice for CHOOSE command
I was wondering if there was the possibility to choose multiple items through the CHOOSE interface but this command just give the possibility to choose one item...

Then I decided to nest the choose command into a repeat...until loop in order to show the choose interface again and again modifying the element chosen by the user from ‘element nth’ to ‘* element nth’ to show the list of item already selected.

For example if the program asks for ‘ice cream preferred flavors’ the user could select multiple flavors like ‘vanilla’, ‘strawberry’ and ‘coffee’.

This system (CHOOSE command nested into a REPEAT...UNTIL loop) work until you don’t have to exit from the loop. Which condition? I don’t know how to exit from the test because there is no way to understand when the user stops the selection of items...

What do you suggest here?

The only solution I see is to ask the development team to provide the CHOOSE command with multiple selection (yes the variable would be a list at this point) and a menu selection (CANCEL....OK) to complete or cancel the execution of this command.

And since I am here asking to modify some code ;-) I’d like to ask to enlarge the space given to the CHOOSE command graphical interface in order to fill the whole screen and not just a small window. The current size of the interface limit the size of the strings to show.


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