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LIFUTILS 1.7.8 and pyILPER 1.7.2 beta release
08-15-2018, 04:47 PM
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RE: LIFUTILS 1.7.8 and pyILPER 1.7.2 beta release
(08-15-2018 06:26 AM)jsi Wrote:  I published the second beta pyILPER 1.7.2 on GitHub.This version got two minor improvements:
  • User defined keyboard shortcuts for the teminal. The ALT-A to ALT-Z key combinations with the exception of ALT-I and ALT-L (reserved for other purposes) can be used as user defined shortcuts. These shortcuts can be specified in the filemenu. See the manual for details This feature was inspired by the discussion above.
  • Tagging scope log files. This allows to enter a synchronous tag to the scope log file to match high-level actions with low level HP-IL messaging. The button opens a prompt window to enter the tag text. The tag text is inserted with a time stamp while pressing the OK button of the prompt window. The feature was propsed by Sylvain Cote.

The first post was updated accordingly.

Thank you Joachim, these are both great enhancements. Though I swore many years ago to never chase HP-IL packets on a scope ever again, it does help from time to time to do so, and this note-tagging feature will be a real help.

The user-defined shortcuts is an excellent solution to what I was seeking to use my custom key assignments, it is quite intuitive and easy to configure. Using the Alt- prefix was a nice touch as it is a logical equivalent to just replace [f] [T] with Alt-T.

One tiny request is to add a 4th insert mode, which would be:

Input + 2* Cursor Left + 'Cursor Insert mode' (which is ESC-Q).

This allows a shortcut of ":PORT(◄)" with the cursor between the parenthesis in insert mode, so one may then type arguments that are larger than 1 character, without over-writing the close parenthesis.

When using FRAM or other large RAM modules, the :PORT argument is often 5.03 or 2.01, etc. so 1 space is not sufficient.

This is also useful for assignments such as [f][E] = 'PEEK$("",◄)' as the arguments here are always multiple characters, and it saves having to toggle insert mode every time it's used.

I must admit this is possibly a unique and selfish request to go beyond what is already a lovely and useful surprise new feature, however it can't hurt to ask...

Otherwise, so far, I've had no issues at all using the 1.7.2 beta releases.

--Bob Prosperi
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