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Rare findings season is opened!
08-07-2018, 09:57 AM
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RE: Rare findings season is opened!
Hi all,

According to the book where the programs were taken from, these programs were intended to be distributed (sold?) as a pack of 142 magnetic cards.

This may explain the unusual procedure required to use the module as well as the interest in having (some of) these programs into a ROM PAc.

It was probably cheaper to provide the users with a module than purchasing a number of card readers and the correspondig sets of cards.

The module would more likely be an OTP version of the CMT-10 as the ones used in the BGUG & ML-IDC modules, hence the Corvallis Micro Technologies reference.

In this case the module was used in just as a program reservoir (used in a card-reader like fashion as peripheral "mass storage").

Re-coding the whole set of programs, so they can be run directly from the module, would have required a much longer effort and the chosen usage procedure seems to be a compromise to reduce cost and time to market.

Just a theory... of course.



PS. Someone by the Philippines area who can check if any such module shows up? :-P

"Do not suppose, check it twice."
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