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Rare findings season is opened!
08-07-2018, 03:20 AM
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RE: Rare findings season is opened!
(08-06-2018 11:48 PM)Diego Diaz Wrote:  And now, the "Fish Population Dynamics" plug-in module for the HP-41CV:

In Table 2 on page 4 we find a description of the:
Quote:Sequence of operations needed to load a program (FB n) from the FISHPOPDYN module into the memory of the HP 41CV calculator.

With a reference to a footnote:
Quote:Addressing the programs directly (as can be done, e.g. with the HP Stat Pac module) is not possible here, because the 15 programs on the FISHPOPDYN module have a number of local ALPHA labels in common.

I find that a bit weird. If I had the following structure in the module:
LBL "FB 1"


LBL "FB 2"



Couldn't I just GTO "FB 1" and then use A in USER mode to XEQ A within this 1st block?

And then GTO "FB 2" and use A to XEQ A in that 2nd block?

Am I missing something?

But then this description appears to be written by Corvallis Microtechnology Inc.

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