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HP 17bii + Incomplete Calculator- Deception
07-31-2018, 12:15 AM
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RE: HP 17bii + Incomplete Calculator- Deception
The HP10B and HP17B came out within a year of each other, but each series seemed directed to a different audience (would love to know the HP marketing plan for each!). The HP10B (10BII and 10BII+) have all the finance, math and statistics functions you mention, while the HP17B (17BII and 17BII+) have limited math functions, but include time, date, appointments and the amazing Solver that supplement the usual business functions. You can also switch to RPN mode!

Either of the two latest models, 10BII+ and 17BII+, are pretty nice calculators. I find the 17 Solver endlessly useful for quick problem solving myself, and wouldn't trade it for all the math of the other model. Pick what suits you best!


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