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41CL Maximum registers for DATA/PROGS storage
07-21-2018, 02:57 PM
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RE: 41CL Maximum registers for DATA/PROGS storage

(07-21-2018 08:26 AM)CY-CL Wrote:  I understand now, how to copy the RAM correctly to a Flash sector.

(07-21-2018 08:26 AM)CY-CL Wrote:  How is to setup the restore to a RAM page. Can I copy the Flash start address direct to the RAM page, or to the RAM buffer?
This one is the easiest Wink

I will assume the following ...
  • MMU is enabled
  • YFNX is mapped somewhere
  • RM32 is mapped at page 9
  • WW Container will be mapped to page 10
  • active WW Container will be at RAM address 830 (based on your previous message)
  • saved WW Container is at Flash address 1FE (based on your previous message)
The update procedure ...
command                     description
"EMPT A"                    remove whatever is at page 10 (assumed WW Container)
PPLUG                       unmap page 10
"1FE>830"                   saved WW Container address in Flash and destination WW Container address in RAM
YMCPY                       copy WW Container from Flash to RAM
"-830 A"                    WW Container address in RAM and where to mapped it
PPLUG                       do the mapping

(07-21-2018 08:26 AM)CY-CL Wrote:  Yesterday, I once again configured HEPAX RAM. This RAM is complete different to the “Pages” in a Rambox, like a HDRIVE on a Mass Storage.
Yep! Have fun ... Smile

(07-21-2018 08:26 AM)CY-CL Wrote:  Thanks again for your input.
My pleasure.

Best regards,

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