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41CL Maximum registers for DATA/PROGS storage
07-20-2018, 12:52 AM (This post was last modified: 07-20-2018 11:26 AM by Sylvain Cote.)
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RE: 41CL Maximum registers for DATA/PROGS storage
(07-19-2018 06:02 PM)Podalirius Wrote:  This emulator give me over 3000 registers: I use SIZE 900.
This is an extension specific to HP-41X emulator and thus not compatible with any 41C+Quad, CV, CX or CL.
The CL reimplement the Nut CPU and run the standard 41 OS code, so the maximum SIZE possible is 319.

(07-19-2018 06:02 PM)Podalirius Wrote:  More of this I have installed the W&W RAMBOX emulation, that store programs and permits to execute them from rambox page.
I don't understand from 41CL manuals if exits a possibility to store programs in a page and execute from this page and if in 41CL the rambox use hp 41 standard ports or pages.
Using the W&W RAMBOX in a 41CL is pretty straightforward, here is the step-by-step how-to.

command                     description
Setup MMU (this example cleanup the MMU to avoid any conflict)
MMUDIS                      disable MMU  
MMUCLR                      clear MMU configuration
"YFNX"                      41CL Extreme Functions ROM module name (XROM 15)
PLUG1L                      map module to page 8
"RM32"                      W&W RAMbox-32 ROM module name (XROM 31)
PLUG1U                      map module to page 9
"113>820"                   initialize RAM block (since we will be using XROM 27 for our module simulation, we need to choose a ROM with the same XROM ID to avoid any conflict)
YMCPY                       copy the EILP (XROM 27) module from Flash (0x113) to RAM (0x820) [for v2 board use address 0x016 instead of 0x113]
"820-RAM"                   4K RAM block at address 0x820 (XROM 27 will be used for this simulated module)
PLUG2L                      map RAM block to page 10
MMUEN                       enable MMU
CAT 2                       should display "-RAMBOX 32" then "-EXT IL+"
Setup simulated W&W RAMBox RAM at page 10
27                          module simulation XROM ID
10                          module simulation page address
"-WW RB PG10"               module simulation name (any name of 8 characters or more will do here)
INITPG                      module simulation initialization
FRBYT?                      module simulation free RAM space, should return 4044 words
CAT 2                       should display "-RAMBOX 32" then "-WW RB PG10"
Move the "MY-PROG" program from main memory to module simulation memory (replace "MY-PROG" for your own program name)
"MY-PROG"                   name of the program
LDPGM                       copy the program from main memory to module simulation memory
FRBYT?                      module simulation free RAM space, should return less than 4044 words
CAT 2                       press R/S when "-WW RB PG10" is displayed, then press ENTER, you should see "MY-PROG" displayed
CLP "MY-PROG"               clear the program from main memory
XEQ "MY-PROG"               execute the program from the module simulated memory

In this example I have only mapped 1 RAM page, but you can map more as needed into available pages like you would do with the physical W&W RAMBox unit.


edit 1: added "MY-PROG" section
edit 2: added a temporary module as a place holder prevent the 41CL to hang, thanks Patrik
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