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A sweet little poll about the WP 31S layout
04-15-2014, 06:10 AM
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RE: A sweet little poll about the WP 31S layout
Option a) for me, however there are two things that bother me in this layout:

1] While I understand the rational behind the location of x<> as a shifted function of RCL and CONV as a shifted function of x<>y, I keep looking to the x<>y key when looking for x<>, I just can’t set my mind to look to RCL instead.

2] It’s the same for FILL, in my mind if associated to the multiple ENTER it’s saving and should belong to the ENTER key as it is on the WP 34S.

For me x<> and FILL are more strongly linked to x<>y and ENTER than the current catalog functions CONV and CONST. So I would prefer to swap these 4 shifted functions:
- Move [x<>] to the [x<>y] key
- Move [FILL] to the [ENTER] key
- Move [CONST] to the [RCL] key, this has some logic as a constant is a recall of an internal value
- Move [CONV] to the [STO] key, no obvious logic here but not less than having [CLEAR] on the [ / ] key for example

I see this as a tradeoff between having all the catalogs neatly grouped together but having troubles to locate FILL and x<> , or having FILL and x<> on the same key as on the WP 34S and where my mind expect them to be, and moving CONST and CONV one row above their current location.
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