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Need advice from Engineers who are also TI users
06-05-2018, 02:05 PM
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RE: Need advice from Engineers who are also TI users
Csaba Tizedes
Nigel (UK)
Dave Britten
Dr. D.B.Thompson
Steve Simpkin,

I appreciate your time and sharing your experiences. Here is the summary of what I could learn from you and also, what I plan doing on it:

1) HP-48xx/ 49xx/ 39/ 42/all other HP calculators - Typically these are engineers' best friends but after using 35s almost exclusively in rpn mode for 9 years I have come to the conclusion that those are not my thing. I have found that I miss strokes (with 35s) and while rpn requires fewer key strokes, the extra force needed to push a key accompanied by the need to continuously check the screen for missed strokes slows me down. So for calculator/s I would like to stay away from HP however HP is my good books. My desktops have always been HPs, their website gives comprehensive information about all their product and they provide very good customer service here in Canada.

2) Casios - They have been my buddies since 1983, no complaint with keyboard, I can key in a lengthy equation without looking at the screen, they have maximum number of math. operatior buttons....but do not save the work before auto power-off, I lose my work if I attend a phone or reply to an email in between. Also, they are light weight and don't come with non-slip rubber pad. These are great to carry in a hip pocket and used handheld on sites but not as stable on a desk with one hand operation. Sorry Casio but I will have to let you go after 3-1/2 decades of sincere service.

3) TIs - I find that I am liking the feel of their keys, (compared to HP) it saves my work before power off, stays where I place it on the desk, has multi line display. Although it doesn't have as many math operator keys but I will learn to live with that. Now I know that some discontinued models like 85 and 86 were even better than 83/ 84, I will keep this in mind when I am visiting neighborhood garage-sales, but won't jump to buy today off of e-bay. I got worried when I saw that chart on TI website calling 83+ unsuitable for any engineering application and 84+CE useless for electrical engineering. Seems that it is more of a sales gimmick. I plan to use 83+ exclusively from today for my work. I have ordered the fancy TI-graphlink usb cable that could connect it to my desktop and then I would even be able to download and install unit conversion app from TI website.

Once again my sincere thanks for your advises, I might not be taking them as is but these were very useful in my decision making.

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