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Need advice from Engineers who are also TI users
01-26-2019, 01:39 PM (This post was last modified: 01-26-2019 01:40 PM by Druzyek.)
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RE: Need advice from Engineers who are also TI users
One small thing in favor of the TI-85/86 is the 128x64 resolution compared to only 96x64 on the TI-83(+).

Quote:2) why is 84+CE not suitable for Electrical Engineering, but good for other eng. decisplines?
I agree that this could just be marketing, but those two calculators can solve symbolically with their CAS including complex numbers (I'm not an engineer so I don't know but maybe that is why it is less useful in mechanical engineering).

Quote:CASIO FX-2.0 Algebra. Even removing or short-circuiting main power supply during operation cannot disrupt its any state or procces.
Yes! This is a good choice. I have two of these and I really like them. I also have a TI-86 and had a TI-89 (my favorite TI) and would rank the AFX 2.0 between the two for how much I like using it. It also has a CAS like the TI-89.

The AFX 2.0 runs on an 80286 equivalent with a version of DOS so I was able to write C programs for it with the 16 bit compiler I already had installed before I got the calculator. This was really cool stuff in 2002!
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