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Need advice from Engineers who are also TI users
01-26-2019, 10:42 AM
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RE: Need advice from Engineers who are also TI users
(06-04-2018 07:17 AM)Paul Dale Wrote:  Dare I suggest a frontal lobotomy?


Since then, as over past five years all my HP-calculators (HP-50g, 48gii, 39gii and 39gs) have ceased to function (died), I began to think about another brand too. Despite this, 50g continues to remain on my android as an emulator.
Frankly, some TI calcs are not very durable, but you can buy a few of them very cheaply. I bought six used TI-s in good condition for $100. Two of five TI-83plus soon had to be sent to trash, but the rest (three TI-83plus from 2010-2015 and one TI-85 from 1994) are still working fine.
I like some features of these models besides mathematics and programming such as:
1) TI-85 1.5-2 times faster than its successor TI-86.
2) normally sound TI-83plus can still run even if the supply voltage is dropped below 3 Volts (0.75 Volts per element). Thus batteries are consumed by more then 80%.

(06-05-2018 02:05 PM)Ask Mait Wrote:  2) Casios ... do not save the work before auto power-off, I lose my work if I attend a phone or reply to an email in between.

CASIO FX-2.0 Algebra. Even removing or short-circuiting main power supply during operation cannot disrupt its any state or procces. After the power is restored and [ON] is pressed, it returns all states/data or continues the interrupted program. I couldn't get it to hang or lose its data/functioning in any way. Don't know if there is another calculator with such striking feature.
Finally, I can recommend one of the best TI calc's android emulator "Graph_89". Five models (TI-83plus, 84plus, 89Titanium, 92plus and Voyage200) can be installed in this app at the same time with easy switching between them.
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