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(05-18-2018 03:52 PM)burkhard Wrote:  Just out of curiosity, what is an alternate school as you use the term? I am well-acquainted with private schools, parochial school, charter schools, homeschooling, and other alternate (using the generic sense of the word) schools, but not as you are using the term. Is this terminology something specific to and widely understood within the state of Illinois?

Who are the typical students? How are their needs distinct from the general government school population? Who administers it? Who pays for it? Who are the teachers?

I'm greatly in favor of a whole palette of options for students and families. The business (and it's a huge business) that runs public education in the U.S.A., doesn't like to admit that students' needs are unique and not all at a common "average". Any mention of "school choice" threatens them greatly.

Good luck with the venture!


Here is an old local newspaper article but still applies. Here is there application form.

As the article points out North students are students who for various reasons were not successful at a traditional high school. I think you can find answers to your other questions in the article as well.

By the way, they have now been moved to a wing of the main high school with staff cuts. The move and staff cuts definitely set the program back. They are still working hard to help their students.

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