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Prime Academy | Learning Center
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I have began adding to the site sections HP Prime YouTube videos on College Mathematics for the managerial, life, and social sciences. Currently, I have the College Finite Math course complete with 89 HP Prime YouTube Videos and shortly will begin on the College Applied Calculus course. Use the drop down Prime Academy Finite Math heading tab to go to specific Finite Math chapters and slide out to select a section from the chapter. Each section has 2 or more YouTube Videos on using the HP Prime Calculator on the section topic.

Finite Math is an area where the HP Prime shines. It is extremely useful for allowing the students to work dozens of homework problems instead of a few. College Mathematics is also where I annually taught multiple sections of courses in College Algebra, Finite Math, and Applied Calculus for 27 years using Computer Assisted Algebra Systems calculators. I also produced CD calculator tutorials for Cengage that came with 32 of their different College Math, Finite Math, and Applied Calculus textbooks as well as producing the Finite Math and Applied Calculus Tan textbook series of Cengage’s Webct and Blackboard course packs.

Initially, in response for assistance from our local alternate high school, I setup a website, Prime Academy | Learning Center, to help local students at the alternate high school with their self-directed online algebra and geometry course work. Alternate students were allowed to use administrated controlled, content restricted Chromebooks, as well as their phones.

The alternate school got good news! - Galesburg North was able to hire a full-time math teacher. I am a big advocate of technology in the classroom if it is used correctly. I am hoping the new teacher shares my view. I know from the many comments I receive from my former students that it made a difference in their life and their ability to reach their final career goals.

Look at this youtube video for details about adding CAS Vars to physical calculators. New G2 example shown but works for older calculators as well.

Combining cross platform HP Prime calculator apps and physical HP Prime calculator with cross platform delivery vehicle of Microsoft Onenote. Specifically Onenote's digital Ink (digital pen on virtual paper). Starting initial with Finite Math content. Take a look.

I am adding videos that I created to our site. Click on the above link and take a look! I used the HP Prime Emulator to demonstrate the calculator's interface and operation described on the Prime Academy | Learning Center's web pages. I prefer the direct link to youtube's embedded version. Google added some advertisements when you pause the embedded version. If you want to just look at one video try the video on this page.

I will keep working and adding to this site since I feel that this material can be a benefit to many students, teachers, and HP Prime users.

Feel free to use this site with any students or schools that would like to learn or gain proficiency with the HP Prime Calculator or HP Prime mobile apps. The best use of this site is a power user like yourself using the material found here to help a new user get started.

As an aide any students who use this site, we are including content pages for all the primary parts of our book HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals in the Algebra tab. Currently we have four chapters shown. Use these to help with your initial familiarity of your HP Prime device.

Use this thread to post your reactions / contributions to the pages on Prime Academy | Learning Center.

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