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Connectivity Kit on Mac
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RE: Connectivity Kit on Mac
Here are the important drop targets of the connectivity kit:

[Image: prime_where_to_drop_files.png?raw=1]

There are two types of Prime program:
  1. Individual .hpprgm program files filled with functions - these are common.
  2. Less common are .hpappdir directories that represent whole 'apps' in the Prime.

Here are some tips I've learned, just in case it is helpful for anyone:
  • Drag and dropping files from your file system into the connectivity kit content area (1) copies the files into a special connectivity kit area (which also happens to be in the file system, but in a secret-ish place).
  • You can also drag .hpprgm files directly into a specific calculator's Programs area (2)
  • You can also drag .hpapps directories into a specific calculator's Applications area (3).
  • You can drag program files from (1) to (2) - in other words, from the content staging area to the calculator. You can also drag and drop app directories from (1) to (3). Existing content with the same name will be overwritten.
  • You can copy from (2) and (3) of a calculator back into the Content staging area (3). However I've found that you need to delete any files with the same name in the content area as such content will not be overwritten and the copy will fail. Presumably this is to protect the Content area? Or perhaps its a bug. Update: Actually this is wrong. See my post below re the subtleties of dropping into the content area. If you carefully drop 'in between' files the copy will work OK and you will get prompted re any overwrite situations.
  • You can copy program files between (2) and (2) of different calculators. For example I often copy from my real hardware prime to my virtual emulator prime - and vice versa. This bypasses the content area entirely.
Other tips:
  • You can create subdirectories and organise your files in the content area. This 'content' area is unrelated to any calculator - its just a 'staging' area - a nice place to keep a master copy of all your programs.
  • It would be typical to have lots of stuff in the content area (1) of the connectivity kit and a smaller subset of programs on any particular calculator (2).
  • You can double click to edit .hpprgm files etc in the content area (1) - remember to CMD-S or CTRL-S to save.
  • You can double click to edit .hpprgm files etc in the calculator (2) - remember to CMD-S or CTRL-S to save.
  • Do not edit the same program on the calculator (via emulator or real hardware) as you are editing via the connectivity kit because the changes you make on the calculator will not make it back to the the connectivity kit. After launching the connectivity kit software, it will read the state of the programs on any connected calculator. Subsequently, the synchronising of program editor text is not two way, only one way - from the connectivity kit TO the calculator. If you have made changes on the calculator and want to keep them, quit and restart the connectivity kit program - the connectivity kit will read the latest version of calculator content on startup (and never again). Or alternatively, disconnect the calculator from the connectivity kit program by disconnecting the usb cable and then re-connecting it. Or if you are using the emulator - quit the Prime emulator and restart it. Update: Or more easily, as Didier mentions below, right click on the calculator and hit 'refresh'.
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