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Calculator case
05-06-2018, 11:38 AM
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RE: Calculator case

Tomorrow I am meeting a factory representative from China (in Manila.) I spoke with him today about cases, cover plates, and keys. To make a long story short, he told me that on the case one can fit a metal plate and use an aluminum or steel threaded tube to hold the two halves together. I will take my 41 and 34 with me to show him.

As far as which cases I will eventually make will be a function of how many will I be able to sell and the lot size. So for now, I am not promising which ones I ll make beyond the three I've mentioned - I'll play it by ear. Maybe someone might offer to buy a few for other projects.

This begs more questions:

1) Which calculator do you think has the best keyboard (be specific; for instance
on the 34, the early ones had a different case and keyboard then the later ones.)

2) Assuming I can get a good price, and there is demand, what case(s) should
I make next?

3) In addition to the design flaws I have received from emersone12, any more?
Any solutions?

4) Should I match the colors of the keys from HP? - Or are there better ones to use?
Same question with the case and case plate color.

I did forget to mention that each calculator will have a micro usb port, infrared, wifi with stack, and a few other modern conveniences. They come with the soc as well as the drivers (source code too.)

Thanks in advance,

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