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Calculator case
05-05-2018, 04:38 AM
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RE: Calculator case
Thank you all for the input. All of it is valued.

What I intend to do is to see if I can produce a quality calculator (like HP calculators of lore) with superior technology useable by a student or a seasoned pro. I will use a multicore ARM soc (SnapDragon) resizable board with generous ram and storage. This is a stock part. I am happy to not use mediaTek. They will be fast and accurate. They will have two modes: emulate and simulate. All will run under a linux kernel that I have stripped down, with extremely low latency. This is already complete too. Linux because I do not want any license issues - and I have done this dozens of times. I will get two samples when I go to Taiwan. I wonder what phone this was going to be in?

When complete, they will look almost identical to their predecessors. The only difference outside will be the lack of HP branding. The red led originals will also be implemented using red leds. The leds that I want are impossible to find but my father in law has shown me encouraging samples from Taiwan.

Yes by all means if you have or want to help with the leds, that would be great! As for the keyboards, I have a source that will manufacture shot keys - affordable because the dealer wants to make some for himself. I do need help in getting that HP or better than HP key press! I am no ME.. When I make the keys, I will not have more than three sizes (economics) so a large enter key and two other sizes. I will need to standardize on a font set. This I feel will be hard. One or two functions on the key and one or two functions on the case plate.

One other idea is a hybrid, touch screen keyboard and display all in a calculator shell. Not a priority at all because I will have a phone version after all.

I really do not want to enter in a partnership with profit as a motive. I am in a different phase in my life and I do not want any headaches. I underestimated the difficulty of this already; I will not do that again.

By the way, these calculators will be on IOS, Android, and Linux. Windows only if someone else ports it - I have a severe Microsoft allergy resistant to any and all treatment.

When I have samples, I will post costs, quantities and pictures. From what I've looked at, I just do not think the quality is there regarding 3D printing. In about two weeks, I'll be making a quick trip to Taiwan to meet and look at facilities and their samples. There will also be discussion on the mechanism as well.

My son is looking forward to this trip as he has yet been out of the country.

Thanks for listening and your advice.

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