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psychrometric properties
04-14-2018, 12:45 PM
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psychrometric properties
For those interested in a compact & concise formulation for the Numerical Calculation of psychrometric properties on a calculator, I suggest a perusal of Numerical Calculation of psychrometric properties on a calculator by A.K. Singha, Harpal Singha, S.P. Singh & R.L. Sawhney from PERGAMON at Elsevier Science Ltd (Building and Environment 37 (2002) 415 – 419).
Simple and precise equations for calculation of saturation vapour pressure in three different temperature ranges are presented in the
paper. Input parameters required for calculation of psychrometric properties are wet- and dry-bulb temperatures, dew point and dry-bulb
temperatures and relative humidity and dry-bulb temperature. In this paper, the equations used for computing saturation vapour pressure
may also be used for determining dew point temperature for the entire pressure range. © 2002 Published by Elsevier Science Ltd.

Keywords: Dry-bulb temperature; Wet-bulb temperature; Dew point temperature; Humidity ratio; Specifc volume and relative humidity

explanatory excerpt:
… equations from (1) to (13) are used for the
determination of psychrometric properties, if any two
psychrometric properties of an air–water mixture are
(see Table 1) [attachment=5833]
(1) Dry- and wet-bulb temperature, or
(2) dry-bulb and dew point temperature, or
(3) dry-bulb temperature and relative humidity.
Case(1): When Ta and Tw are known:
Case(2): When Ta and γ are known:
Case(3): When Ta and Tdp are known:

The paper presents three equations for the calculation
of saturation vapour pressure in three different temperature
ranges 0°C to −40°C, 0°C to 63°C and 63°C to 110°C. The
same equations also calculate dew point temperature. The
relationships proposed here are valid from −40°C to 110°C.
Outside the stated limits, the equations need to be reformulated.
The paper also defines various physical and thermodynamic
properties of air–water mixture and determines their
values by direct calculations.

If you are interested & can neither find &/nor download the document, feel free to PM & I'll do my best to facilitate.

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