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Serial cord for 95LX
03-23-2018, 01:39 AM
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RE: Serial cord for 95LX
(03-23-2018 12:06 AM)Jeff Irok Wrote:  Thanks to both of you - great information! Both posts are very helpful!

I kinda figured I wasn't breaking protocol, but since I'm new here, I wasn't able to acclimate yet and figure out if there were any restrictions regarding topics about finding accessories, or if maybe that topic belonged in a subforum I hadn't yet seen. I'm glad everything's cool!

I've seen the various 98XX desktop "calculators" discussed here along with the 75, 85, 86, 87, the 110, and the various I.B. printers and plotters. A lot of HP calculator users also ran the old pre-PC computers too so they fit right in. Things farther out go to the Not quite HP or the Not Remotely HP forums.
The only reason to worry about where to post is that this has gotten so big; few people read it all. A question might get missed by the guy who knows the answer, if you post in the second-best area. If something should get moved; someone will usually mention that in the thread or do a "report" to get a mod to do it.

One thing. When you do get that 4 to 10 cable; be careful plugging it in. The pins are exactly as fragile as they look. There's more than a few 3 pin HP48s out there for that reason.
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