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Arduino Board as HP-IL device?
04-19-2014, 01:17 PM
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RE: Arduino Board as HP-IL device?
(04-19-2014 11:43 AM)charger73 Wrote:  At the moment the only limitation is, there is only one LIF file (640kb) per SD Card.
But the Arduino can be extended with a LCD with menu keys for choosing the current LIF file, for example. Or perhaps i can do it with a special HPIL command...
You could implement a virtual media switching mechanism. As default the first (or most recently chosen) LIF container is the active one. The command set could be like this:
  • EJECT - disconnects the current medium (LIF container)
  • SEEKMD n - Selects medium n (n in X register)
  • SEEKMDA - Selects medium by Alpha name
  • NEXTMD - Selects the next medium in queue
  • PREVMD - Selects the previous medium in queue
There could also be some housekeeping functions, like checking SD card free space.

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-- Ray
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