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Arduino Board as HP-IL device?
04-09-2014, 08:55 PM
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RE: Arduino Board as HP-IL device?
Quote:Regarding the connection to the Raspberry: I just had a quick look, and it seems that there is no UART-type serial link nor RS232. Just USB. In that case you need the standard PIL-Box with USB.

Yes, a Linux distro is what's usually run on it.

There is a single UART (3.3v level) available on the GPIO pins 14 & 15, accessed as /dev/ttyAMA0 in the distro I'm using. No hardware handshaking though.
By default it's assigned to the system console, but that's easy to override. (I'm using it to drive a small serial LCD.)
You can also use a USB/serial cable - I haven't tried it, but others have reported success. Some of those support hardware handshake if you need it.
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